Survey and free prize draw


The prize: A high quality Apeks regulator.

The closing date: Closing date 30th April 2014.

The competition question: Do Apeks make nitrox compatible regulators?


The answer to our last competition -
The answer to our last competition was "Yes". Apeks is a British brand, and proud of it too!

Congratulations to -
Congratulations to the winner of our last competition, Mr M Reed from Northampton.

Help us to help you!
Please answer the survey questions included in the competition entry form. The answers you provide will be considered in all our future designs. Your personal details will of course remain completely confidential and will not, under any circumstances, be made available to any third party.

Do you dive?
If no, would you like to dive?
Your gender?
Marital Status?
Your age?
Are you?
Would you class yourself as?
What do you do under water?
How often do you go diving?
How long have you been diving?
Do you own your own regulator?
What make of regulator do you use?
What model of regulator do you use?
In which geographic locations are most of your dives?

Do you own a dive computer?

When planning a dive, what information regarding the dive site is of most importance to you?
Would you listen to music or radio while diving, for example during decompression stops.
What is the minimum number of medium pressure ports you require on a regulator?
What is the maximum depth of your average or normal dive?
What attributes do you most desire for a regulator?
Do you experience any problems with your regulator in the following areas?
How would you improve Mouthpieces?
How would you rate the service given by your local authorised Apeks dealer?
What is the approximate amount of time you spend diving in minutes, on your average dive?
The conditions you mainly dive in, are they; -

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Terms and Conditions

1. The competition is open to all countries.
Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd Employees, Agents, Distributors and their families not eligible to enter.
3. The closing date is Closing date 30th April 2014.
4. The winner will be the first entry drawn at random.
5. One entry only accepted per household.
6. Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd accept no responsibility whatsoever for any fees or charges as a result of customs regulations in the winner's country.